What it's really like holiday shopping as told by 'Mean Girls'

The holidays are coming, and they're coming fast. Before you know it you'll be stuffing yourself with Christmas ham, lighting the menorah, decorating your tree, and shamelessly eating all of Santa's cookies.

That's all well and good, but there's another part of the holidays we cannot avoid - holiday shopping. If you do all of your shopping online, you probably avoid most of the horrifying stories that unfold while on the quest for great gifts for your family and friends. Good for you. But then there are the rest of us...

First, there is the darkest of all shopping days - a 24-hour dark abyss of special sales and offers (beginning at un-Godly hours of the morning), luring you in to the fire code-breaking crowds in stores and malls everywhere: BLACK FRIDAY.

You wish you were doing something fun with your friends instead, or ANYTHING else but participating in one of the most stressful, sleep-deprived, disgruntled days of the year. 

You are lucky to escape Black Friday unharmed. Actually, let's be real here, you're lucky to escape Black Friday alive. 

Then, when you manage to find nothing at all or not nearly enough, you decide to banish yourself to the mall. But you're feeling the whole "strength in numbers" thing, and take your friends.

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But when you get there, fighting for a parking spot turns into an hour of driving around, stalking people for their spots, and the occasional rush to steal someone's space. Or someone steals YOUR parking space and already you're off to a rough start. 

You finally manage to get into the mall, and you're immediately overwhelmed. 

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So you go to one store and duel to the death to keep your items from falling into the clutches of other merciless shoppers.

But at the risk of being banned from the mall and dashing your hopes of getting any shopping done, you respectfully surrender.

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And are forced to go to another store.

Meanwhile you're detailing every horrible event after the next via social media.

So if you want to avoid this, this year...

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Either do your shopping online, or make sure you have a definitive master plan.

Because then you'll have more time for this:

Good luck, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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